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WD HDD External Reformatted by Mistake – WD HDD External Recovery Software for Formatted WD External Disk Recovery

"I accidentally reformatted a WD external 500GB hard drive and lost everything on the external drive. The WD HDD external contains all important files since last year, and I have no backup. I perform a quick format on my WD HDD external. Is it possible to recover files after formatting?"

WD HDD External Recovery Software for Data Recovery after Formatting
WD HDD external is short for Western Digital external hard disk drive. When a WD HDD external is reformatted by mistake, you need to unformat tool to get back lost files. WD HDD external recovery software is such kind of unformat tool, with which you can restore any file after formatting the external hard drive by mistake. In addition to recover lostfiles from formatted WD HDD external, you can also recover files from other brands of external hard drive and storage devices after formatting. WD HDD external recovery software is easy and advanced data recovery software that can work on almost all Windows OS to help with data recovery.

Download the Following Software to Recover Data
#1 Data Recovery
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#2 Data Recovery Software
Another chance for you to recover data from disk, card, external etc.   
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#3 Data Recovery for Card USB - recover data from card/usb

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3 Steps to Recover Data from Formatted WD HDD External
Step1. Plug your WD HDD external to your computer, and then free download and install the WD HDD external recovery software. Launch the software and choose proper recovery option.

Stp2. Choose the WD HDD external which has been formatted by mistake, and then the software will scan the selected drive to help your search for lost files.

Step3. You can preview the found files to evaluate its quality after scanning. If you are satisfied with the found files, you can select and recover them.

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Accidentally formatted WD external hard drive
"I have a WD My Passport external hard drive which was formatted mistakenly by clicking format option. I connected my WD external drive to my computer through the back USB port, and I also inserted a flash drive to the front USB port of my computer. I thought to format my flash drive, but mistakenly I formatted the WD external hard drive instead. How can I unformat my WD Passport external hard drive to restore lost files?"

"I want to reinstall system on my computer, so I backup all important data to my 1TB WD external hard disk before system reinstalling. During system reinstalling, I reformatted all hard disk partitions on my computer because I though that I can get back all important files from the backup. After system reinstalling, I connected my WD external hard disk to my PC to transfer data to hard disk partition, but I made a mistake to format the external hard disk. Now, I lost all files stored on the WD external disk. What to do to restore the data after accidentally formatting?"

Windows was unable to complete formatting when WD external is reformatted by mistake
"Mistakenly clicking format option to format my Western Digital external hard drive, but finally I received a message that Windows was unable to complete the formatting. I was grateful that the formatting is not completed because I think I will not lose any data anymore. However, the bad news is that when I double click the WD external drive, I am unable to access it anymore. Windows asks me to format the drive before I can access it. Is there any method that I can access the WD external hard drive without reformatting?"

"When I right click my WD external hard drive, system says that the disk needs to be formatted. I don’t want to format it, but I click the yes button by mistake. During the formatting, I receive another message to day Windows cannot complete the formatting. What should I do to get back in this situation?"

WD External Disk Recovery after Format
For all situations mentioned above, WD HDD external recovery software is helpful with lost data recovery. It doesn’t matter you format your WD external disk by mistake during data transferring or you mistakenly click yes button to format your WD external disk when it shows disk error, you are able to restore the lost files as long as they are not overwritten.

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