Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Recover Data from a Dead External Hard Disk

An external hard drive is often shown as a removable device when plugging in a computer, but sometimes it may stop responding normally. When you click the external hard drive, it makes noise and has no responding, your external hard drive might be corrupted, dead or damaged. If the external hard drive is dead, corrupted or damaged, is it possible to restore files on the external hard drive?

How to Recover Formatted External Hard Drive – Data Recovery after Formatting External Hard Drive

Files can be lost from an external hard drive due to many reasons, while formatting is one of the most common reasons. If you are looking for a way to recover formatted external hard drive, you just come to the right place.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

WD HDD External Reformatted by Mistake – WD HDD External Recovery Software for Formatted WD External Disk Recovery

"I accidentally reformatted a WD external 500GB hard drive and lost everything on the external drive. The WD HDD external contains all important files since last year, and I have no backup. I perform a quick format on my WD HDD external. Is it possible to recover files after formatting?"

WD HDD External Data Recovery Software Download to Recover Files off Western Digital HDD External after Formatting Deleting Corruption

Is it possible to recover data after formatting my WD HDD external by mistake?
How can I unformat a 500GB WD external hard drive?
I delete some important files from WD HDD external, can I undelete the files?
How to fix RAW drive error on my WD external hard disk drive?
How to get back data when WD external disk needs to be formatted?
How to format my WD HDD external when it is not detected by PC?

WD HDD External Data Recovery after Format – How to Recover Data from Formatted Western Digital External Hard Drive

Question: I have a 1TB Western Digital external hard disk drive, which stored lots of important files. This morning when I plugged it to my computer, I mistakenly pressed the wrong button and format the WD HDD external. I am wondering if it is possible to restore the lost files after formatting.

Answer: You should stop writing new files to the formatted WD external hard disk drive, and you are able to recover all lost files with a third-party data recovery program.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Recover Files from RAW External Hard Disk When Has Not Formatted Error

 When I connect my external hard disk to my PC, it shows as a removable device in "My Computer". But when I right click the external hard disk, I receive a message like "disk drive is not formatted do you want to format it now". The file system of the external hard disk also changes to RAW. Now, I am looking for a way to fix the not formatted error to get back lost data and change RAW file system back to NTFS or FAT32 without formatting. Hopefully somebody knows a way and I will appreciate it very much for any help.

External Hard Disk Data Recovery after Format Crash Not Recognized

If you are external hard disk user, you may run into external hard disk data loss more or less. External hard disk data can be lost in different situations. However, no matter how data got lost from your external hard disk, the best solution for external hard disk data recovery is to rely on third-party external hard disk data recovery software.